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As a result of recent technological advancements and global influences, corporations have recognized their need to group and integrate activities more productively. Organizations are evolving from traditional platforms, where functions are departmentalized, to more advanced forms of organization that began with the 1980's Value Chain to today's more global influenced Process-Centered structure.

The Anderson Group integrates today's leading technologies into operating procedures that move the client into a more progressive format that is better suited to their mission and charter in view of today's technological advances. The scope of the task is directed by the client's need, but we offer suggestions that may involve a larger scope or a unique approach to produce a better total solution to the specific need. It is not uncommon, however, to address a specific requirement and find the total solution is less complex than the initial assumption by combining multiple technologies into an integrated solution.

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We prefer to start a client relationship at the strategic business planning level even if the project is limited to a specific technical or commercial issue. It allows us to provide a more global, long-term approach to the process and best select team members. This approach is presented in more detail in our newsletter.

1 year Business Plans

have traditionally been viewed two ways. For new businesses, they are promotional documents to secure financing. For established businesses, they are used as the project guidance and measurement stick(s) to operate the organization over a fiscal period. We offer both types of services and use one of these two definitions to clarify the service. The major purpose of these definitions is to distinguish these services from a strategic planning function that requires a different process.

The Business Plan is viewed as an operating program and the Strategic Plan is viewed as a planning process. It is common to include a Strategic Plan in a financially based program. We address both types of plans.

It is also common to have a Strategic Plan set apart from the Business Plan for established organizations. This strategic format centers on investment/divestment issues and the business-operating plan then becomes a subset of that program. The Business Plan must be highly focused on specific goals and scheduled accordingly for measurement and traditionally has a one-year scope. The Strategic Plan confirms the mission of an organization to know where it is going and a strategy to know how to get there. It traditionally has a three to five year scope.

3 - 5 year Strategic Plans

A traditional Strategic Plan, first introduced in the mid-1950's, set fourteen procedures in place starting with the establishment of corporate missions. While these procedures served the marketplace well then, it runs into problems today because they are not pro-active enough to keep pace with the global economy.

The Anderson Group elects to use a more proactive Strategic Business Planning approach.

Continuous Strategic Business Plans

A more global approach to business planning that is in line with today's successful Process-Centered organizations is the Strategic Business Planning activity. It is a more pro-active, global procedure than the traditionally approaches above. It is a form of continuous improvement (Taguchi concepts, Goldratt TOC).

It is the process of continually combining the two activities, business and strategic, so they interact more frequently. This means one can affect the other on a monthly, or quarterly basis as opposed to the more common yearly updates. To be effective, the organization, large or small, should acknowledge the advantage of a Process-Centered structure that focuses on process centers: Product Supply, Resource Management and Customer Processes.

Our experience with Fortune 100 companies as well as small to medium sized organizations allows us to help your planning and implementation procedures. These techniques have been successfully used by organizations such as Wal-Mart, Whirlpool, Komatsu, Yaskawa, Southwest Airlines, Boeing, Hanna-Barbera, Maytag, Tupperware, Regal Marine, Motorola, Dell Computer, Denver International Airport, Federal Express, Ritz-Carlton, Westinghouse Air Brake, Volkswagen, Green Gear, Toshiba, United Motor (Toyota & GM), Anheuser-Busch, Collins Industries, Taco Bell, Delta Airlines, Bechtel Group, Sony, Pizza Hut, IBM, Fidelity Securities and NASA.

The Anderson Group offers these global business techniques as a foundation for its associated technology and services to implement the planning process.

Marketing Plans

Marketing functions are an integral part of the Resource Management structure of Process-Centered organizational structure. The Anderson Group provides services to establish the marketing plan as well as the ability to help provide the technology for the product/services portion. We view a complete marketing program to involve the strategic planning, business planning, gap analysis, forecasting, product development, commercial development, and management feedback functions; everything that leads to the sale of our client's products and services.

Sales Plans

Sales activities are the action phase of the marketing program to address customer needs and corresponding closure. The Anderson Group offers the ability to establish effective sales channels. Our experience is global and can establish the proper balance between direct, distributors, representatives, agents, VAR's and Resellers. We also offer management tools to plan, monitor and control the selling process.

For more information on these approaches, please contact us.




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